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You should have already received a questionnaire. This form is important and needs to be completed. Everyone should also have also received a nutritional and psychology questionnaire with this.


Initial Appointment - Bariatric Workshop

This is a virtual group meeting with our Specialist Nurse and dietitian. Please allow 3-4 hours. The nurse will describe the surgical options available and go through the risks associated with each procedure in depth. The dietitian will go through the dietary changes expected with surgery. You will be able to ask questions and see others in a similar situation to you. Afterwards, a blood form will be posted to you. Once you have attended this meeting and have had your blood test and we have the results, you will be sent a date in the post for our one stop clinic.


One Stop clinic

You will see 4 different specialists during this virtual one Stop clinic. Please allow 3 ½ hours. During this virtual clinic, you will have the following assessments.


Surgical Assessment

Our surgeon will describe the surgical side of the operation and risks in more depth and assess whether you are suitable for surgery.


Nurse Specialist

The nurse will discuss what your preference is for surgery and discuss some of the areas mentioned in the initial appointment specifically tailored to you.


Dietetic Assessment

The dietitian will assess and discuss your current diet and the dietary implications of surgery for you in depth. This will mean changing your lifestyle habits and you will be encouraged to lose some weight prior to surgery.


Anaesthetist Assessments

The anaesthetist will go through your medical risks and assess your requirements for a safe surgery.


Psychology Screening

You won’t see the psychologist at this clinic. They will review the psychology forms that you have competed and determine if you need a separate appointment with them. If you do, the aim, will be to learn more about your eating behaviour, psychological wellbeing and support system. The psychologist will also discuss resources and options for further support as required.


MDT Meeting

Once you have attended this one stop clinic, your case will be discussed during a team meeting immediately afterwards and the most appropriate way forward will be decided.


Further Assessments

Some people may need to see other specialists prior to surgery to assess whether there are medical issues that could impact on their surgery. If this is the case, you will be referred to those specialties and we will await the outcome from them before making a final decision on surgery.


Pre-Op Assessment

Once you have been placed on our waiting list, you will have to attend this appointment. It is an assessment to check you are fit and well for surgery. During this appointment you will be asked questions, have some swabs and bloods taken all in preparation for surgery.


Follow up After Surgery

Follow up after bariatric surgery is essential for monitoring of potential complications. We expect you to be available for regular follow up appointments. The Surgeon and Dietitian will review you at approximately 8 weeks after surgery. You will then be given regular dietetic follow up appointments for 18 months and a further nurse appointment at 2 years. At which point your care will be transferred back to your G.P for an annual review.


What happens in the event of an emergency with bariatric surgery?

In the event of an emergency, please contact the Bariatric Clinical Nurse Specialist on 01932 722077 during working hours or attend A+E at St Peters Hospital where one of the Bariatric team can assess you.


What happens if I decide not to have surgery?

If you decide surgery is not for you, due to any reason, please tell us at any stage and we can pause your pathway or you can be discharged if you want. We can endeavour to see if there is an alternative.


Is there a support group?

Due to the Covid Pandemic we are unable to offer a support group as we used to. If you would like to access support we recommend that you access the Zoom based support group run by Obesity UK on:.

  • Sunday 19.30-21.00 Bariatric Surgery Group
  • Wednesday 19.30-21.00 General Support.

You can access the support groups by visiting the Obesity UK Support Group

You can follow Obesity UK on Facebook to access the support group. Please do this if you want to contact the support group organisers. You can access directly via Zoom and use meeting ID below:

Meeting ID: 625 809 4672 No password required.

Remember, the surgery is a tool and learning how to work with it to obtain the best results for you is important and patient support groups can often be an invaluable resource for learning from other patients and your success will, in turn, inspire other people considering surgery.


Contact Details

For appointments, general enquires or to track your progress contact the Bariatric admin team on 01784 884621.

  • Specialist Nurses 01932 722077
  • Dietitians 01932 722697


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