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Upon arrival, a screening technician will ask you for some details to confirm your identity.

They will then explain briefly what a AAA is and ask if anyone in your immediate family, parent or sibling, has ever been diagnosed with an aneurysm. We ask this as family members are at greater risk of developing an aneurysm if a parent or sibling has one.

An AAA ultrasound scan


You will be invited to lay on the couch for the scan. This entails some cool gel being applied to your bare abdomen. The screener will slide the ultrasound probe along your abdomen, looking at your aorta on the ultrasound screen. They need to apply a degree of pressure in order to get clear images but this should not hurt.

Once they have seen the length of your aorta as it passes through your abdomen, they will take some still images and measure the width. Once they have these images and measurements, you will be told the result.