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NHS wigs are provided to patients suffering from a dermatological condition and to patients undergoing treatment for cancer.



New patients must be referred by their hospital consultant or specialist team.

An appointment will be made for the patient to see an external specialist wig maker at the wig maker’s premises. The wig maker will assess and make a suitable wig.

You may wish to purchase your own wig. If so, please speak to the surgical appliance officer who will advise you and provide a list of suppliers.


Types of Wig

There are two main types used – acrylic and human hair (the latter is not normally prescribed).

Please speak to the surgical appliance officer who will explain the choices available and who to talk to at the wigmakers.


Supply of Wigs

Patients with alopecia are supplied with two wigs initially and then two annually as required. Patients undergoing treatment for cancer are supplied with one wig annually as required.

The surgical appliance officer will advise you of the current prescription charge that is applicable for the supply of a wig. Help with prescription charges is available for those people on a low income. Please see the prescription charges section for more details.

We deal with a couple of wigmakers - one local and the other is outside our immediate area.


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