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A mother, child, and midwife



In labour you will have direct care provided by a midwife. She/he will support you in your choice of position, help you make decisions about pain relief and support you when you give birth to you baby. If complications arise the midwife will involve the obstetrician in your care.

Student Midwives

Student Midwives are based at Surrey University. They are allocated to different hospitals for their clinical placements some will be working at St Peters Hospital. They work very closely with their midwives and they will help support you with their midwives in all areas of the service.

Nursery Nurses

Nursery Nurses work both on the labour ward and the post natal ward. Their main role is to help mothers look after they babies following delivery. They help support infant feeding, take general observations and take blood for essential tests if required. They also are responsible for giving mothers and fathers useful practical advice and they hold teaching sessions daily on the ward.

Maternity Assistants

Maternity Assistants work in the hospital as well as in the community. They assist both the mothers and the midwives. Their role is very varied and they are able to perform tasks such as taking blood pressures, temperatures etc and they will offer infant feeding support as well as keeping the ward stocked up and making the beds.


A team of obstetricians is available 24h hours a day and will become involved in your care if complications arise. In the case of you needing a forceps/ ventouse delivery or Caesarean section this is always undertaken by a senior obstetrician.


One of the doctors you might meet when you come into hospital when you are in labour is the anaesthetist. They are there to help you should you require an epidural or spinal anaesthetic to help you cope with the pain of labour, or if you require a Caesarean section. The anaesthetists provide a 24 hours service and also available for other procedures where specialist pain relief is required.


The neonatologist is a specialist doctor responsible for all newborn babies. There are 5 consultant neonatologists in St Peters Maternity Unit.

The neonatologists are also responsible for our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

You may meet a junior neonatologist when he/she comes to the ward after the birth of your baby. They will give your baby a routine medical examination. This is usually on the first day following the birth of your baby.They are happy to discuss any issues or concerns you may have. Should your baby require follow up appointments for any reason they will also discuss these with you.

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