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  • A member of staff will go with you to the theatre.
  • A parent will normally also go with a child to the anaesthetic room.
  • You can wear your glasses, hearing aids and dentures until you are in the anaesthetic room. If you are having a local or regional anaesthetic, you may keep them on.
  • Jewellery and decorative piercing should ideally be removed. If you cannot remove your jewellery, it can be covered with tape to prevent damage to it or to your skin.
  • Most people walk to theatre if they are able. You will need your dressing gown and slippers. However if may be necessary to bring you to theatre on a bed, trolley or in a wheelchair.
  • Theatre staff will check your identification bracelet, your name and date of birth. They will ask you a few other questions as part of a final safety check that you are having the correct operation for you, and have been prepared for it.