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From the time you come into hospital, your Doctor and other members of the Multi-disciplinary Care Team, will be planning your discharge from hospital with you.

This will help to keep your stay in hospital as short as possible.


Current Services

So that we can give you the best possible assistance, please tell us about any help or care you are currently receiving. We can then make sure that you are kept informed of your progress and any future needs.

Please let us know the relevant people currently involved in the care you are receiving such as:

  • District Nurse
  • Community Matron
  • Community Nurse /Treatment Room Sister
  • Community Psychiatric Nurse
  • Social Services Care
  • Home Support Officer / Warden

Any information you give will not be used for any other purpose than to assist your care.


Select the options below to find out more:

▶   Carers Assessment

If you are a main Carer / Parent / Spouse / Partner / Relative or have a carer, please inform us. We can then refer you to our Social Services Dept for a Carers Assessment.

The Hospital Carer Advisor here in St Peter’s is Sam Caine and you can find more details on the Action for Carers website.

▶   Occupational Therapy / Physiotherapy

If there are concerns regarding your ability to manage at home you may be referred to the ward Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist for assessment of your ability to care for yourself.

▶   Discharge Leaflets and Information
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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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