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The Doctor who was treating the patient will issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.

Before you can register the death, you will need to collect this certificate from the Bereavement Office at the hospital.

The certificate will usually be ready within three working days and you will need to telephone the Bereavement Office before you come to the hospital. Occasionally it can take longer than this and the Bereavement Officer will inform you if this is the case.

In some circumstances it may not be possible to issue a certificate. Please see the section entitled “When A Post Mortem is Required”.


Ashford Hospital

The Bereavement Office is on the ground floor of the hospital, opposite the main reception desk.

The office is open by arrangement. Please telephone the office on 01932 722319 to confirm when the certificate will be ready for you to collect.


St. Peter’s Hospital

The Bereavement Office is situated to the left of the main Outpatients entrance, near to the hospital bus stops.

The office is open Monday – Friday from 9.00am to 4.00pm. Please telephone the Office on 01932 722319 to confirm when the certificate will be ready for you to collect.

The Bereavement Officer will also give you any clothing or personal effects belonging to the patient.

Please do not come to the Bereavement Office without first telephoning to ensure that everything is there ready for you.

If you arrive unexpectedly you may find you have a lengthy wait and this could cause additional distress at such a difficult time.


Deaths Reported to the Coroner

The doctor certifying the death has a responsibility to seek the advice of the Coroner’s Officer before a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death can be issued in the following cases:

  • In most cases of sudden or unexpected death
  • Where the cause of death is unknown or not clear
  • Where there may be something that is “unnatural” giving rise to or causing the death,

In these circumstances the Bereavement Officer will advise you how to proceed.


Please see the section headed “When A Post Mortem is Required”.

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