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The Audiology Service is compliments by our Volunteer who provide a support service for hearing aid users.

Many people use hearing aids but some find them difficult to use and so you may not feel confident putting them in or cleaning them. Alternatively you may still have difficulties hearing on the phone or in other situations.


The support service


The Hearing Support Volunteers are committed to offering help and support on these and other issues such as:

  • Cleaning of ear moulds
  • Retubing of ear moulds
  • Teaching you how to retube your earmoulds
  • Helping you put your hearing aid in
  • Helping you with the controls
  • Providing information on more effective ways of hearing
  • Providing information & demonstrating other equipment you may find helpful such as loop systems, phone amplifiers and smoke alarms.


A number of the volunteers use hearing aids themselves and so have personal experience of them. The volunteers are not qualified audiologists however and for example they cannot:

  • Examine ears or give medical advice
  • Make or adjust ear moulds
  • Adjust the hearing aid sound
  • Replace broken hearing aids or moulds
  • Assist with private hearing aids


Although if you need an Audiology appointment they can help you to make one. As the volunteers work alongside the Audiologists they have professional support and can liaise with them.

If your hearing aid is broken or you would like the sound adjusting you will need an appointment with an Audiologist please call 01784 884126 to make an appointment with the Audiologists.


If you would like to arrange to see the Volunteers:

To arrange to see our Volunteers at Ashford or St Peter’s please call the Appointment Centre and ask for a "hearing aid volunteer appointment".

Alternatively email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (for both sites).