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An update on visiting at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals

Visiting is no longer restricted to two hours, and visiting is no longer required to be booked by telephone. Please ensure that you visit during the normal ward visiting times. Please note that no more than two people should visit a patient at any given time.

Find out more about ward visiting times and exceptions at each hospital.


Update to Infection Prevention and Control Guidance

As we enter the winter months, there is likely to be an increase in the number of respiratory viruses, including influenza and COVID, that are circulating in the community and in the number of patients being admitted to hospital with these infections.

In line with current national guidance provided by the UK Health Security Agency, there is no longer a mandatory requirement for visitors, patients and staff entering our hospitals to wear a face mask. For those who prefer to continue to wear a mask, fluid resistant surgical masks will be readily available at our main hospital entrances. Please do help yourself. If you cannot see any then please ask a member of staff on the ward/clinic that you are attending. In our clinical areas, such as wards, where our staff are caring for patients with respiratory infections, you may see staff will wear masks, along with other personal protective equipment, as necessary. They can advise you if you have any queries.

We continuously monitor the local situation, and should we see a significant increase in the number of respiratory infections in our hospitals, then we may revise our advice, as necessary.

We ask everyone to follow these basic infection prevention and control measures in our hospitals:

  • Do not visit the hospital if you have the following symptoms:
    • New onset cough or an ongoing cough that is not improving
    • Raised temperature
    • Diarrhoea and/or vomiting
  • If you do have these symptoms and visiting is essential, and cannot be delayed for a few days whilst you recover, e.g. the patient is very unwell / dying, then please telephone the ward concerned and ask to speak to the nurse-in-charge. We are always keen to support visiting in these situations.
  • Practice good respiratory hygiene: cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing using a tissue or the inside of your elbow. Dispose of tissues immediately following use and clean your hands.
  • Clean your hands on entering and leaving our clinical areas, e.g. wards, using the hand wash basins or alcohol hand sanitiser available inside each patient multi-bed bay and single rooms.
  • Visitors are not routinely required to wear disposable gloves and plastic aprons; but should be worn if you are helping the patient with their personal hygiene care.

Thank you for your continued support in keeping our patients, staff and visitors safe.

David Fluck, Medical Director and Director of Infection Prevention and Control
Ellen Bull. Interim Chief Nurse
The Infection Prevention and Control Team


St Peter’s Hospital

Click on the ward / department name to view the AccessAble page for that location. This includes directions, parking information, and other useful details regarding accessibility.

Ward Type Location Direct Dial Number
Ash Ward (and School) Paediatrics Level 3,
Duchess of Kent Wing
01932 72 2714
Aspen Ward Medical Level 4,
Duchess of Kent Wing
01932 72 3907
Birch and CCU Ward Medical Level 4,
Duchess of Kent Wing
01932 72 2012
Cedar Ward Medical Level 4,
Duchess of Kent Wing
01932 72 2003
Cherry Ward (Older Persons Ward) Medical Level 3,
Duchess of Kent Wing
01932 72 2935
Chestnut Ward Medical Level 4,
Duchess of Kent Wing
01932 72 6708
Clinical Assessment Unit (CAU) Emergency First Floor,
Urgent and Emergency Care Centre
01932 72 2010
Discharge Lounge Discharge Level 3,
Main Building
01932 72 2933
Endoscopy Unit Surgical Level 3,
Outpatients Block
01932 72 6575
Falcon Ward Surgical Level 3,
Abbey Wing
01932 72 2287
Heron Ward Trauma And Orthopaedic   01932 72 3267
Holly Ward Medical Level 4,
Duchess of Kent Wing
01932 72 3257
ICU Critical Care Level 3,
Duchess of Kent Wing
01932 72 2135
Joan Booker Maternity / Child Health Level 2,
Abbey Wing
01932 722835
Kingfisher Ward Surgical Level 3,
Abbey Wing
01932 72 2380
Labour Ward Maternity Abbey Wing 01932 72 2663
Maple Ward Medical Level 3,
Duchess of Kent Wing
01932 723137
May Ward Medical Level 4,
Duchess of Kent Wing
01932 72 2014
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Children Level 4,
Abbey Wing
01932 72 2667
Oak Ward (and Little Oaks) Children/day Unit Level 3,
Duchess of Kent Wing
01932 72 2016
Robin Ward Surgical Duchess of Kent Wing 01932 72 3941
01932 72 2932
Swan Ward Orthopaedic Abbey Wing 01932 72 3220
Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC) Emergency Prince Edward Wing 01932 72 6439
Swift Ward Medical   01932 72 2201
Willow Ward Medical   01932 72 3079


St Peter's Hospital site map

Map of St Peter's Hospital

On AccessAble, you can find the access guide to St Peter's Hospital or the follow the ward links above.


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