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Some people with Covid-19 may have had or be having difficulties with eating and drinking.

If it was noted that you were having some difficulty with swallowing, eating or drinking in hospital you may have had an assessment by a Speech and Language Therapist. They may have made some recommendations to help and to reduce the risk of food or drink going ‘down the wrong way’.

If you had recommendations to modify the food or drink this should be written in your discharge report. If you require thickener in your drinks then this should have been supplied alongside your medications on discharge. Further thickener will be prescribed for you by your GP.

Please continue to follow any recommendations on modifying food and drink on discharge to help you to eat and drink safely.


The below strategies will help you to eat and drink safely:

  • Sit upright
  • Eat and drink at a slow pace
  • Take small mouthfuls
  • Take regular breaks during meals, particularly if you feel out of breath or tired

If you feel out of breath or tired from chewing food, then you may find softer foods easier to manage at the moment.


If at any time you notice any of the following, please contact your GP as soon as possible:

  • Choking, excessive throat clearing or regular coughing when eating and/or drinking.
  • Voice regularly sounding wet/'gurgly' when eating and/or drinking
  • Recurrent chest infections
  • Gasping for breath when eating and/or drinking
  • Change of colour in the face when eating/drinking


Useful Websites

International Dysphagia Diet Standard Initiative (IDDSI) iddsi.org/

The British Dietetic Association www.bda.uk.com

Contact details for the acute Speech & Language Therapy team (St Peter’s Hospital): 01932 722868

Contact details for the community Speech & Language Therapy team (Woking community hospital): 01483 846437


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