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Dr David Fluck

Dr David Fluck
Acting Chief Executive


This week I’d like to use the message to talk about the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Strategy. From the start of Covid-19 the infection prevention and control guidance has changed and evolved. I know, at times, this has presented a challenge as we’ve had to rapidly change the way we work, introduce new processes and use new or different personal protective equipment. I think we are now in a place where the pace and frequency of change has settled and we have collated the key elements of the guidance into a short and simple strategy.

It’s really important that all colleagues – both clinical and non-clinical – are familiar with this strategy. It impacts every aspect of our time on the hospital sites, from entering the building, to visiting a checkpoint, hand hygiene, wearing a face mask and processes for patient care. We have to ensure that standards do not slip as the Covid-19 situation continues and evolves. If we are to minimise the risk of cross-transmission of Covid-19 and other infections then robust infection prevention and control is absolutely paramount.


The success of this strategy and achieving our North Star objective – to end health and care acquired infections for the team, patients and the community we serve within the next 12-18 months – is the responsibility of us all. Every member of Team ASPH needs to play their part and continue to maintain the highest standards of infection prevention and control.

Thank you for your support with this so far and your ongoing dedication and commitment. If you do have any questions or concerns please do contact the Infection Prevention and Control team.

With best wishes for the week ahead,

Dr David Fluck
Acting Chief Executive


Chief Executive's Message

On a regular basis, our Chief Executive sends a message to staff about events at the hospitals, special achievements, and plans for the future.

We shall be adding them to this section as well as including them on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

From time to time, we shall ask other members of the Trust Board and clinical team to give their perspective on the week in our hospitals.