Dr David Fluck

Dr David Fluck
Acting Chief Executive


This week I wanted to talk about some of the ways that are helping to keep Team ASPH and patients safe as we continue to restore services. At the beginning of the COVID situation, you may remember Suzanne sharing the priorities of the Executive team during this time - the main one being to ‘keep Team ASPH, their families, and patients safe.’ Whilst the situation has moved on and we are in a different position now, this is still very much the priority.

There has been some great work undertaken to reinstate services and we are starting to see more patients back in our hospitals. I must take this opportunity to thank you all for the great support you have provided patients, particularly those who are anxious about coming into hospital at the moment.

We have received some queries from different departments around patient information, and how best to advise patients on what to expect when they come into hospital, and thought it might be useful to share some of the things we’ve done to make this as safe and accessible as possible.


Visiting our Hospitals

It can be daunting for people to come into hospital during this time, so we have tried to make the new procedures clear and concise. This film details the robust measures that we have in place and will hopefully offer some assurance that we are doing all that we can to keep everyone as safe as possible.


Outpatient Appointments

We have created a short film for patients, summarising what will happen if they are required to come into hospital for an appointment, with information around attending alone where possible, and the process for moving around the hospital safely. Patients are also receiving an information guide with their appointment letter which should help to reiterate the messaging around new procedures.


Infection Prevention and Control (IPC)

As you will be aware, we continue to implement the highest ‘gold standard’ IPC measures which offers the best protection against possible transmission, and we require everyone to adhere to this. The information guide on the website summarises these measures and provides information around our expectation of all patients and visitors to now wear a surgical face mask as opposed to a face covering whenever they are in one of our hospitals (excluding those who are not required to do so).


In addition to the above, the Communications team are sharing updates via the Trust’s social media platforms and the website which has a dedicated COVID section, updated frequently to reflect any changes. Over the coming weeks, we have planned coverage in local press to help engage with our community.

I hope the information referred to in this message gives you a better of understanding of how we’re doing our utmost to keep all of you and our patients as safe as possible and will enable you to direct patients to this information if required. The majority of the guidance is applicable to staff too so we really do need to lead by example. We are continuously working on this suite of patient information and are about to roll out a surgical information film shortly too. I

With best wishes for the week ahead,

Dr David Fluck
Acting Chief Executive