Andy Field

Andy Field


David has kindly lent me the message this week as in similar way to last week's message which focused on the executive team, I thought it would be useful to provide an update on the roles and responsibilities of the Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) who sit on the ASPH NHS Foundation Trust Board.

As Chairman, my role is to ensure the Board as a whole is effective in its governance and decision making, with a focus on our strategy, assurance that we are being run safely, effectively and efficiently and setting the right culture in accordance with our 4Ps values. Another large part of my role is to represent the Trust externally, both across the local and regional health and care systems and also working with the local authorities and NHS representative bodies. I also chair the Council of Governors and through this, stay close to the views and experiences of both the Governors and Trust members. The other NEDs each bring different skills and interests to the table and these are reflected in the roles they have within our Governance structure.


Marcine Waterman, Deputy Chairman

My role is multifaceted. I am the Deputy Chairman which means I stand in for Andy when he is unable to be present. I am the lead NED on governance and risk supporting the executive in the development of the risk management strategy and approach at the Trust. I also enjoy being the lead NED on the Arts in Health programme, which under different circumstances will really benefit our patients and improve the hospital environment. I chair the People Committee, getting assurance from the workforce team that we are delivering our People Strategy, and currently our very important Workforce Covid Strategy. I am also a member of the Audit and Risk, Modern Healthcare, Quality of Care and Remuneration and Nominations Committees.


Chris Ketley, NED

Throughout my career I have always been a passionate advocate of customer and patient experience and became a NED at ASPH in 2016. I have been a member of the Quality of Care Committee for the past three years, seeking assurance from my executive colleagues around the many improvements the Trust has made around patient care, safety and experience and the changes to become a learning organisation. My other key area of focus is championing digital innovation and automation as Chair of the Integrated Digital Committee, which seeks assurance around our exciting digital strategy and plans. I have also recently been appointed as Co-Chair of the Surrey Safe Care Joint Digital Committee for ASPH and Royal Surrey Foundation Trust – which is probably one the biggest business transformation programmes in both Trusts' history and is now progressing at pace.


Neil Hayward, NED

I've been on the Board of ASPH for four years now and am still learning how healthcare works whilst being constantly amazed by and proud of the dedication and commitment from staff that I see all around me in the hospital. My role is to seek assurance on behalf of the Governors that the hospital is being well run and in the best interests of their local communities. I sit on the Modern Healthcare and People Committees and act as Chair for the Strategic Change Committee. The latter forum is where we consider the transformation of the hospital for the longer term (work on estates and digital pathways being just two areas of this) and reflect on national and regional developments that affect ASPH. There's a lot of moving parts in the healthcare system at the moment and we have to influence and shape how ASPH is positioned in future.


Jane Dale, NED

I joined the Trust in January 2020 and one of the main reasons I wished to work in ASPH was our core "4Ps" values. I am a member of the People Committee and have just this month taken over as Chair of the Quality of Care Committee. The role of the latter is to ensure that we are providing a service which focuses on quality and patient safety, so is a key committee reporting into the Board. As a NED I see my role as assuring the Governors of the Trust that the executives, non-executives and wider teams are providing safe, efficient, effective and patient focused services.


Meyrick Vevers, NED

I have a background as a Chief Financial Officer and Commercial Director across multiple industries and have been a NED for four years. I am Chair of the Modern Healthcare Committee as well as a member of the Audit and Risk Committee. The focus of the Modern Healthcare Committee prior to the Covid pandemic was to ensure funds are available for us to run and develop services and the hospital sites for the benefit of staff and patients. Post Covid, the focus has shifted to how we deliver services in the new world, as well as how we need to change and develop our hospital sites and infrastructure to achieve this.


Professor Mike Baxter, NED

I have been a NED at ASPH for nearly five years. During this time I have previously chaired and currently serve on both the People and Quality of Care Committees. As a clinical NED my principal focus has been on clinical outcomes, safety and experience. As exemplified in the recent Covid pandemic, patient and staff safety and experience are inextricably linked and impact directly on clinical outcomes. As an organisation, we are committed to continually learn and improve how we deliver on these strategic objectives. I have been closely associated with ASPH for nearly 30 years but am coming to an end of my term of service, so will be leaving the Trust soon to take up a NED post in a neighbouring Trust, where I will continue to focus on improving outcomes, safety and patient and staff experience.


Keith Malcouronne, NED

I was appointed as NED in 2016 and have a background in consultancy, specialising in audit and corporate finance internally. I chair the Audit & Risk Committee, which oversees the integrity of our internal and external reporting and our activities to counter fraud. I also serve on the Integrated Digital and Charitable Funds Committees, the North West Surrey End of Life Care steering group and am the NED lead for Freedom to Speak Up.


Yvonne Obuaya, Associate NED

I joined the Trust in September 2019 as part of an NHS Improvement scheme to support those from BAME backgrounds in accessing the boardroom. Working alongside Non-Executive and Executive colleagues, I have been reviewing the impact of Covid-19 at the Quality and People Committees in order to provide assurance, especially around Infection Prevention and Control strategies, restoration of services, workforce wellbeing and testing. It's been a rapidly changing and challenging period but also one of great opportunity for the Trust as it pivots to a new normal.


I hope you found this brief summary of the non-executive roles useful. The common aim through everything we do as Non-Executive Directors, and indeed as a Board, is to add value to the running of the Trust. We keep a focus on the key strategic issues and do everything possible to support the executive team in their effective day-to-day running of services. I think I speak for all the NEDs when I say it's a privilege to fulfil this role in the NHS. Particularly in recent months, we've been able to closely witness the way colleagues have risen to the challenges of Covid and the incredible efforts undertaken by so many to care for patients and each other and we are really proud of Team ASPH. As we move into a phase of restoration and recovery, we face new challenges, but I retain every confidence that as a Board and as a Trust we are in a strong positon to rise to these, doing the very best for patients and the team.

With best wishes,

Andy Field