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Two members of our surgical team in an operating theatre

We are now four years into our 2018-2023 Strategy, and in context of the COVID-19 pandemic challenges faced in 2020/2021 and 2021/2022, we remain focussed on reaching our vision of providing outstanding experience and the best outcome for patients and our Team. Our quality-ofcare strategic objective to achieve this vision was refreshed during 2022.

Our Quality Objective to ‘Create a learning organisation and culture of continuous improvement in order to reduce repeated harms and improve patient experience’ has evolved in recognition of our achievements and learning in the last year, and that we are entering a period of growth as a learning organisation. The refreshed Quality Objective for 2022/2023 is to ‘Grow and develop as a place of learning, underpinned by a culture and mindset of continuous improvement that reduces harm and improves patient care and experience’.

We are continuing our focus on recovery, transformation and learning to achieve tangible quality improvement next year.

In order to deliver the Trust Vision our principal focus for our Quality Objective was on transforming ourselves into a learning organisation and this continued to be our key quality improvement focus in 2021/2022. Our annual quality priorities set out how we will put this into practice, and we said we would focus on:

  • Learning from errors and reducing avoidable harm
  • Learning from patient feedback to ensure an excellent experience
  • Learning from deaths and reducing in-hospital mortality

Our overall performance against the 2021/2022 priorities is available in our Quality Report.


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