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On the day of surgery to the mouth and jaws


DO NOT rinse or spit out on the day of treatment as this may cause bleeding. Wait until the following morning to brush your teeth again if the site is sore, but take care and brush gently.


Pain relief

  • Do expect some discomfort, you may bruise and the area may become swollen.
  • If you have been prescribed painkillers and/or antibiotics they can be dispensed at any chemist. Otherwise take whichever painkillers you would normally take for a headache as soon as you can. These may need to be continued for a few days.
  • Any regular medications should be taken as per usual.
  • If antibiotics are prescribed, the full course must be taken as outlined on the label.
  • Whilst on antibiotics, women on the pill should take extra contraceptive precautions which can be discussed with the pharmacist.
  • Pain and swelling should reduce over the period of one week, if either is excessive, please contact the department on the numbers overleaf.



The site will ooze slightly for the first few hours.

If the operation site starts to bleed:

  • sit quietly
  • place dampened gauze or clean cotton handkerchief on the wound or socket and bite maintaining pressure for at least 30 minutes.
  • If bleeding continues beyond this period, ring the telephone number overleaf for advice.


Food and drink

Eat soft foods left to cool to room temperature. If you have had surgery on one side of the mouth, eat on the other side. Many patients find cold drinks and foods soothing. DO NOT eat or drink hot food on the day of surgery, this can cause bleeding.


Smoking and alcohol

DO NOT smoke or drink for 48 hours following surgery.

Smoking can cause a painful infection and is strongly discouraged.



DO NOT exercise or take part in sports for 48 hours after surgery as this can encourage bleeding.



We generally use dissolving stitches which will disappear somewhere between a couple of days and two weeks. Your surgeon will advise if non dissolvable stitches are necessary.



You will be numb for 3-4 hours after your surgery. Be careful to avoid hot things as burning may occur. Avoid biting the lip.


On the day after surgery

Warm salt water rinses

These encourage healing and should ONLY start the day after surgery

  • Dissolve one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water, as hot as is comfortable- NOT BOILING WATER
  • Allow the water to rest in the mouth over the wound / socket for about a minute
  • Repeat several times in a day to ensure no obvious food particles are lodged in the area.



If you have any problems after your biopsy which cannot be dealt with as above then please contact our department on:

  • 01932 722493 (St. Peter’s)
  • 01784 884009 (Ashford)

After 17.00 hours or at weekends phone main switchboard at St. Peter’s (01932 872000) and ask for the oral and maxillofacial doctor on call.


Further Information

Additional information regarding this procedure can also be found by logging on to https://www.baoms.org.uk/


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