The pelvic pain class runs once a week at the River Bourne club (Chertsey). It is run by a specialist pelvic health physiotherapist for those who have persistent pelvic pain.


The class aims to improve:

  • Knowledge and understanding of persistent pelvic pain
  • Teach strategies to help to improve self-management of persistent pelvic pain
  • Teach ways to exercise to help to improve persistent pelvic pain


What happens in the class?

Participants will be booked for 6 weekly consecutive classes and you must be available to attend all of these. Each weekly class lasts for one hour and consists of both education and exercise. It takes place in the ground floor exercise studio.


After the class

We also encourage you to try to use the self-management strategies and complete similar exercises again in the week (an information sheet and exercise sheet will be provided) or if you have been provided a home exercise programme by your physiotherapist then you should complete this through the week.


Class resources