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Family with newborn child

Thank you for helping us put patients first by following our visitors’ code.

We want to create quiet time for our patients to help recovery, while respecting your wishes to see your relatives or friends when they are unwell.

We would like to ask for your help in limiting visitors wherever possible to no more than two at a time, and to only bring children who are under 10 years old where really necessary.


Visiting Times

All general wards have standard visiting hours of 3pm to 4.30pm and 6pm to 8pm. This is the same for weekdays and weekends.


  • Visiting critically ill patients
  • Who feel uncomfortable driving at night
  • Those living far away
  • Those who are reliant on public transport
  • Disabled visitors who are reliant on others
  • Parents who need childcare cover
  • Those who work when the new visiting times would apply

Click here for contact numbers for the wards and their location. There are different timings for specialist wards such as maternity or intensive care.


What you can do for us


  • use the hand gel when entering and leaving the ward
  • respect other patients and keep noise to a minimum
  • no more than two visitors at the bedside and only bring young children if you really need to
  • help us minimise infection – don’t visit if you are unwell, use the chairs and please don’t sit on a patient’s bed
  • do not use mobile telephones, cameras etc in patient areas
  • only bring in essential items for patients to keep areas clutter free
  • do not bring in flowers for patients (but fruit, chocolate and biscuits are fine)
  • do not use physical violence, verbal aggression or threatening behaviour towards staff as this will not be tolerated
  • your relative or friend may have agreed for you to ask questions about their condition or treatment – if you wish to speak to a member of staff please ask at the start of your visit so this can be arranged.


What we will do for you

  • create a clean, calm and restful environment for our patients
  • we have changed our visiting times to take into account our patients’ needs
  • keep mealtimes free from interruptions so we can help patients who need it
  • we will wash our hands between patients and provide gel dispensers at the entrance to every ward, bay and bedside
  • protect the privacy and dignity of all patients, ensuring men and women don’t share their accommodation
  • be welcoming and polite
  • keep relatives well informed
  • our Matrons will respond as quickly as possible to any concerns you raise
  • if you are the patient’s designated contact we will respond as promptly as possible to telephone enquiries about their condition.