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The outside of the emergency department at Saint Peter's Hospital

Emergency Message


The emergency department is located at St. Peter’s Hospital.

It should only be used if you are seriously ill or it is an emergency. Please note that there is not an A&E at Ashford Hospital. The Ashford walk-in centre is for non-urgent care only.


Mask wearing to be reintroduced in ALL areas of the hospitals

Following an increase in cases of COVID-19 in recent weeks, we have taken the decision to once again implement mask wearing in all areas of the hospitals from Friday 1st July, in order to reduce transmission of the virus.

Surgical face masks will be provided at designated entrances for our staff and all members of the public. These must be worn when moving around the hospitals, as well as when visiting loved ones or attending appointments.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and will update you with any further changes to our IPC guidance, when it is safe to do so.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Andrea Lewis, Chief Nurse
David Fluck, Medical Director


Frequently asked questions about coming to A&E

If the treatment is the same everywhere, does it matter where I go? Yes, because you will be treated more quickly if you go to the most appropriate place. In A&E, patients with the most urgent and life threatening conditions will always be seen first. Some services are not provided in A&E. These include repeat prescriptions, emergency dental care, blood tests, travel vaccinations, dressing changes, removal of stitches and ear syringing.
Surely A&E can just ‘squeeze me in’? Each year, nearly 100,000 patients attend A&E at St. Peter’s Hospital and we estimate that around 18,000 of these could receive more appropriate treatment elsewhere. Each extra person means our doctors and nurses have less time to treat those who really need help.
If I get ill at night should I just go straight to A&E? No, unless it’s an emergency or you are seriously unwell. A&E can be just as busy in the middle of the night so it is worth trying other services, such as your out-of-hours GP or NHS 111.
When should I bring my child to A&E? If you think your child is seriously unwell, has had a significant injury or you have been advised by your doctor. Otherwise, you should see your GP for advice and treatment. For minor infections and injuries you can attend an NHS Walk in Centre (NB: some walk-in centres will not treat children under the age of two).



A map of Saint Peter's Hospital