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The outside of the Stephanie Marks Diabetes Centre at Saint Peter's Hospital

Accessing our Diabetes Psychology Service: Newly diagnosed children and young people

Newly diagnosed children and young people and their families are offered a post diagnostic appointment with the Clinical Psychologist or Psychiatric Liaison Nurse around 6-8 weeks after diagnosis. They will not routinely be offered psychology appointments following this, but are aware that they can request a psychology appointment at any time whilst under the diabetes service. This will also be discussed at clinic appointments and when in contact with diabetes nurse if it is felt the family would benefit from this.


Accessing our Diabetes Psychology Service: On-going

Each child and young person has access to the Paediatric Diabetes psychology services by either self-referral or referral following a MDT clinic appointment. The role of psychologist/ Psychiatric Liaison Nurse in the team is to provide ongoing support to children, young people and their families around their diabetes management. This may include assessment, short term interventions and referral/signposting to other services as appropriate, including local CAMHS. The Lead Clinical Psychologist for CYPD and Psychiatric Liaison Nurse both run weekly clinics. Each patient is allocated a 60 minute consultation time.

Patients may also self-refer, usually through discussion at an MDT or with one of the Diabetes Nurse Specialists and can be referred at any point when help is identified as being needed.