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The outside of the Stephanie Marks Diabetes Centre at Saint Peter's Hospital

Each patient in our care is offered a minimum of four clinic appointments per year. At every appointment, the child or young person is seen by members of the multidisciplinary team (MDT) including the Consultant Paediatrician, Associate Paediatric Diabetes Nurse or Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse and Dietitian. At every visit, the child or young person is seen by one of our doctors with appropriate training in paediatric diabetes.


Outpatient Clinic Consultations

Each patient is allocated a 40 minute MDT outpatient timeslot to allow time for the Clinic Nurse to undertake height, weight and HbA1c measurements. We use the “Your Clinic Appointment Today” questionnaire to help patients and their parent/carer consider topics for discussion. Each MDT appointment is 30 minutes in duration to give time for adequate interpretation of downloads and results and discussion to gain a clear picture of the current situation and plans to be agreed.


Specialist Diabetes Dietitians

Our Specialist Diabetes Dietitian arranges to attend the appointments that are deemed most appropriate on a case by case basis. She will also review other patients during clinics if required. Our Adult Dietitian will attend the Transition clinics.

Additional and separate clinic appointments are also available with the Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Dietitians, Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse and the Paediatric Diabetes psychology services as well as Virtual Download clinics weekly and ad hoc virtual download reviews as required on a case by case requirement.