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The Trust recognises and accepts its duties and responsibilities as an employer to provide so far as is reasonably practicable a healthy and safe environment to enable its staff to undertake the moving and handling of people and objects safely.

All employees involved in the moving and handling of people and objects are required to accept responsibility for the implementation of this policy, and must work proactively to reduce the risks that cause musculoskeletal disorders.


This Policy describes how the Trust will comply and maintain compliance with the regulations.

It will ensure that the Trust actively reduces the risk of injury from the moving and handling of people and objects.

You can read the full policy by clicking here.



Moving & Handling Operations

“Moving & Handling Operations” means any transportation or support of a load by direct or indirect human effort. This includes lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, holding, or moving a load by hand or bodily force. It also includes supporting a load in a static posture by the hands or any other part of the body, e.g. the shoulders. Moving & Handling is also the intentional dropping and the throwing of a load whether into a container or from one person to another.

(The application of human effort for a purpose other than transporting or supporting a load is not a moving & handling operation).



A “load” is defined as a separate moveable object. This can be a person, animal or inanimate object, but not an implement, tool or machine whilst being used for its intended purpose.



A patient within the context of the Trust can be an in or out patient or deceased patient.



In this context an injury is physical harm, discomfort, pain or disorder from the weight, shape, size, external state and rigidity of a load, or from the movement of its contents.


Hazardous moving and handling

Risks to staff or patients of being injured when undertaking moving and handling.


Reasonably Practicable

Balance of risk against time, effort and resources required to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.


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