If you are healthy, are having an uncomplicated pregnancy and live within the area where we provide a community midwifery service, you may want to consider a homebirth as an option. Homebirth has been shown to reduce the likelihood of interventions in health pregnancies. Homebirth is not an advisable option should a complication arise in your pregnancy, or if you have either a medical or obstetric history that indicates that a hospital birth is more appropriate.

We aim to run a 24-hour service but very occasionally this not possible because the community midwives maybe attending another homebirth or it maybe due to staff sickness. On these very rare occasions your Midwife will keep you informed and explore other options with you.



Hospital Birth

If you have chosen a hospital birth you may receive care in the Home-Home rooms or the main Delivery rooms. The Home-Home rooms offer facilities to the women who have had uncomplicated pregnancy and wish to give birth naturally without the use of an epidural. Upright positions, moving around and the use of the birthing pool are encouraged. If you require an epidural you will be admitted to one of the main delivery rooms. Your Midwife will be happy to discuss the options with you.

The Labour Ward is situated on the 3rd Floor in the Abbey Wing

If you have chosen a Hospital Birth you will need to make your way in by your own transport. Only in an emergency should you ring a 999 ambulance. i.e Bleeding or premature labour. Ring the Labour Ward and the midwife will be happy to give advice.