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Abbey Birth Centre – midwifery led unit situated next to Abbey Wing St Peter’s Hospital

Leading the way for normal birth the Abbey Birth Centre has been purpose built to provide a ‘home from home’ environment for women who have normal and uncomplicated pregnancies and want to give birth in a less clinical setting.

There are four en-suite birthing rooms, three with pool facilities and a small outside garden space. Run by midwives rather than doctors with a homely and relaxing environment, where women can move around freely during in labour, the centre will offer something unique in the local area.


A birthing pool and cot


Offering a choice of birthing experience to women and providing different facilities to enable that choice. We want women to have the best of both worlds – the environment of a home birth with the reassurance of being in hospital, close to specialist care and facilities if needed.

The Birth Centre will not be suitable for all women and for those who experience complications during pregnancy or are ‘at risk’ of difficulties during labour and birth, consultant led care will continue to be available on the labour ward.

The main entrance


Abbey Birth Centre Philosophy of Care

The Abbey Birth Centre aims to offer an individualised service in an environment that allows women and their families to experience birth in a supportive and safe place. Our Birth Centre midwives encompass those values all women should expect throughout their birth experience, that is, a passion for –

  • Providing excellent and evidence based care throughout women’s childbirth experience
  • Prioritising the safety of women and their babies
  • A deep understanding of the process of normal birth and how to support that process and meet the individual needs of women and their families using our service
  • Delivering excellence, working in partnership with women to ensure their requirements are met with kindness, compassion, respect and understanding
  • Providing high standards of care to women and their families


Abbey Birth Centre referrals

Information about the criteria for the Abbey Birth Centre can be obtained through the community midwife and/or the Abbey Birth Centre.

All women assessed to be ‘low risk’ at their booking appointment by their midwife, will be booked to deliver in the Abbey Birth Centre, provided they meet the criteria or they choose not to and ‘opt out’.

Information regarding the Birth Centre and the ‘opt out’ process will be given to all low risk women at their first contact with the GP and/or Midwife booking appointment The final decision to deliver in the Birth centre will be made with the woman and her community midwife at 34/36 weeks. The community midwife will put a sticker on the woman’s notes at this time which has the contact details.

If a woman has any concerns before 37 weeks or has any concerns about herself or the baby she is advised to call the Labour Ward triage for advice.

Call a Midwife 24/7 Urgent Maternity Triage Line

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