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Occupational Health undertakes health screening all staff recruited to post within Ashford and St. Peters Hospitals and its outside associated contracts. Once an applicant is successful and is offered a post at the Trust or the other outside contracts they are required to undergo an initial health screening prior to or on commencing the post. This is to ensure that the individual is fit for the specific job and that carrying out the duties of the job would not adversely affect the individual’s health or that of colleagues, clients, or patients. Occupational Health will advise the employing managers of any recommended adjustments / support.

Screening involves all new employees, existing staff changing roles or jobs within the organisation including volunteers. Employees are categorised according to duties and responsibilities involved in their prospective role; such as Clinical, Non-Clinical, Ancillary, Administration / Clerical, and Technical.

This is carried out by various checks dependent on role which may include:

  • A pre-placement health questionnaire, which is online, to be completed by the applicant.
  • Request for proof of some vaccinations or blood tests.
  • An assessment with an OH Nurse to discuss appropriate adjustments if needed.
  • Blood tests or immunisation against common communicable diseases.
  • Occasionally, a referral to occupational health physician if appropriate for further assessment.

The OH Advisor will consider any problem or issues in the context of the proposed job and make necessary recommendations on adjustment prior to commencing work in line with the Equality Act 2010.

Following the job offer, some roles may require specific assessments such as driver health checks. The screening of some individuals is carried out to ensure that existing health concerns are not likely to be made worse by their work.