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Please follow these steps to register for MyCare on your mobile phone via NHS login.

Step 1

You will receive an SMS Text from NHSMYCARE.

Click on your unique registration link

MyCare Instructions
Step 2

You will be taken the registration page hosted at mycare.westsurrey.nhs.uk.

You will have a choice to register with email or use your NHS login, these are the details you use if you have the NHS App.

MyCare Instructions


Step 3

You will be taken to the NHS Login page. The NHS login allows you to securely access health websites and apps with just your email address and a password. Enter the email address that you are registered with.

MyCare Instructions
Step 4

Enter your password, press continue.

MyCare Instructions


Step 5

You will be prompted to send a 6 digit security code to your NHS login registered mobile. Once received enter the code and click continue.

MyCare Instructions
Step 6

You will be asked to agree to share your login information with the Zesty Patient Portal, this is the name that MyCare is known as for NHS login.

MyCare Instructions


Step 7

You must agree to contact via SMS or email to register. If you select No, your registration process will end.

MyCare Instructions
Step 8

You will be asked to select your letter delivery preferences. Initially, we will still send paper letters, but plan to implement paper-free soon.

MyCare Instructions


Step 9

Your registration for MyCare is complete.

You will be at the home menu.

MyCare Instructions


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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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