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The main aim of the Moving and Handling team is to reduce musculoskeletal injuries throughout the Trust to the lowest level practicable.


Our role includes:

  • Education and Training
  • Policies and procedures / guidelines
  • Safe Systems of work (advice, handling procedures animate and inaminate)
  • Advice on Product purchase
  • Incident reporting / trend analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Supporting and troubleshooting


Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are carried out on any hazardous tasks relating to moving and handling.

If staff have any concerns over handling tasks that they perform they can discuss it with their manager and contact us if necessary.


Safe Systems of Work

A safe system of work is a formal procedure which results in the systematic examination of a task in order to identify the hazards and assess the risks, and which identifies safe methods of work to ensure the hazards associated with the task are either eliminated or minimised.


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