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What is the role of the mentor?

A mentor is a qualified professional (Nurse, Midwife etc) who has a mentoring qualification (English National Board 998 / 7, Mentor Preparation module).

Your mentor is there to help you learn whilst on your placement. Learning is YOUR responsibility; your mentor will facilitate.

Elements of the role

  • Teaching and support of learning
  • Assessment and giving feedback to students
  • Developing effective learning environments and student learning support systems
  • Reflective practice and personal development
  • Contribution to the design and planning of learning activities
  • Completion of unnecessary

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▶   Team Mentoring

Within Locality 2 students are mentored using a team approach. Each student has a mentor who is responsible for the student's placement experience, and one or more associate mentors.

▶   What is an Associate Mentor?

The associate mentor is a qualified practitioner (nurse / midwife / AHP / ODP) who has not attended any specific mentor preparation module at a University (ENB 998 / Mentor Preparation)

The role of the Associate Mentor

  • To assist the qualified mentor to mentor a student within a team
  • The associate mentor will liaise with the Mentor regarding the student's progress and needs
  • An associate mentor will work closely with the student, guide, counsel, demonstrate skills, assess competence, encourage reflection, act as a role model, etc, particularly when the mentor is not on duty.
  • The associate mentor can sign in the portfolio that a student has achieved learning outcomes
  • The associate mentor cannot sign the summative assessment
▶   Policies and Resources

A full listing of the Trust policies are available by clicking here.