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The Trust has launched a new scheme to reach out to patients with dementia - an important step in improving care of older people. Surrey has a higher proportion of older people than the national average, and the number of people with some form of dementia is rising.

The Butterfly Scheme is an ‘opt-in’ scheme which uses simple butterfly symbols to show staff when patients are asking for additional help and support. Simple actions such as reminding patients where they are, or arranging their familiar items around them, can help to reassure them and prevent them feeling frightened.

Carrie James, Lead Nurse for Older People at the Trust adds: “Using these butterfly symbols that are easy to recognize will help busy staff easily identify patients who have asked for additional support while they are with us. We know from visiting other hospitals where this scheme is being used how it can improve a patient’s experience of being in hospital, which for many patients with dementia can be a very frightening place.

Dementia and the Butterfly Scheme were the subjects of discussion at a Members’ Health event at St. Peter’s Hospital on 26th February, where over 75% of the audience knew someone with dementia.


The picture above shows Carrie James, Lead Nurse for Older People (left), Dr Raad Nari, Care of the Elderly Consultant (right) and Maureen and Barbara from The Butterfly Scheme (centre).

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