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There may be a delay while we wait for your tablets.

If you prefer you may go home and collect your medications later in the evening. Please ensure your medications have been explained to you before you leave us.

Some medications can interact, which may result in dizziness and balance problems. You should expect to have your medication, including all side effects, explained to you prior to leaving hospital.

There are now dispensers available from your chemist to remind you to take the right dose at the right time.

On discharge, please ensure you only take the medication you are prescribed.

Contact your GP for repeat prescriptions within 7 days of your discharge.

Nursing staff will explain how to take your medication on discharge. You will also be told about any possible side effects.


You will receive at least 2 weeks supply of any regular medication that has been prescribed. If you have brought any medication in with you this will be returned to you provided the doctors want you to continue taking it.

If you have any other medication previously supplied by your GP, but which has not been prescribed for you on discharge, please see your GP for advice.

Any unwanted medicines can be returned to your local Community Pharmacy for disposal. If you have difficulty in taking your medication and feel that you would benefit from some assistance your local Community Pharmacist can assess your needs and support you by various means (e.g. large labels, winged bottle caps, compliance aids) to ensure that you can use your medicines safely and appropriately.

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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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