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Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a life changing event and you and your family may experience a wide range of emotions, and have a lot of questions and concerns throughout your cancer journey.

Your Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) is available to provide ongoing support from the initial investigations leading to diagnosis, throughout your treatment and on to living with and beyond cancer.

They will provide you with any necessary information, answer any questions and provide emotional support and guidance to you and your family

For assistance regarding clinic appointments you may contact the Respiratory secretaries on 01932 722305 / 723122.


How is your care planned?

Your care is planned at a Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meeting which is held weekly. The MDT consists of Surgeons, Medical Consultants, Radiologists, Histopathologists, Oncologists and Clinical Nurse Specialists. The investigations that have been performed are discussed and a treatment plan is agreed by the team.

Treatment may involve one of the following; Surgery, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Radiotherapy, Targeted Therapy and Hormone Therapy or a combination.

You will have the opportunity to meet with your doctor and CNS to discuss your treatment plan at an outpatient clinic appointment where specific information will be given to you, including the possible side effects of the treatment and support services available to you.

We encourage patients to attend clinic appointments with a family member or friend for additional support.


Your Cancer Pathway

At Ashford and St Peter’s we provide a patient-centred approach to your care, helping to support people living with and beyond cancer. We aim to provide a well-coordinated, holistic, personalised approach to your care.

The National Cancer Survivorship Initiative’s (NCSI) aim is to ‘ensure that those living with and beyond cancer get the care and support they need to lead as healthy and active life as possible for as long as possible’.

To help improve your cancer experience, the NCSI have developed The Recovery Package, which has been introduced and supported by Macmillan. The Recovery package consists of the following 4 components and will be discussed with you by your CNS.


A Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA) will be completed at key points along your cancer pathway. You will have this assessment with your CNS either face to face or by phone. The HNA will address any physical, practical, family/relationship and emotional concerns you may have. Following the HNA a care plan will be discussed with you, providing support and information, possible referrals to other agencies such as Macmillan.


A Treatment Summary will be completed at the end of your treatment, a copy will be sent to yourself and your GP.

It provides important information including side effects and any other consequences of your treatment. It will also highlight any signs and symptoms of recurrence of disease.


A Cancer Care Review will be completed by your GP or Practice Nurse within 3 months of your cancer diagnosis and will be the start of ongoing conversations between yourself and your GP throughout your cancer pathway.


Health and Wellbeing events are held to provide information and support on work and finance, healthy lifestyle and physical activity and to help prepare you for the transition to a supported self-management programme. These events play an important role in moving forward to living with and beyond cancer.

A Health and Wellbeing event is held annually at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital as well as other informational events throughout the year.


Macmillan Patient Navigators

Macmillan Patient Navigators offer a single point of contact for all our cancer patients, family members and carers. They are available to answer questions, help with appointments and access local support services as well as provide support throughout your cancer journey.

They work closely with your CNS and if the question or concern is of a clinical nature they will contact your CNS who will return your call.

Contact Number: 01932 726856


Macmillan Support and Information

At St Peter’s Outpatient department, area 2, there is a Macmillan Resource Room providing a quiet place to sit, offering many informational booklets for you to browse or take home. Macmillan provides a number of resources which are readily available to you such as:

  • Welfare benefits
  • Understanding your specific cancer
  • Cancer treatments and their side effects
  • Support groups and services

If you need further information Macmillan can assist you.

Telephone: 0808 808 000


Clinical Research

Research is a key aspect of the work of the NHS. It is through research that we provide evidence upon which we base our care and treatments, and improve our treatments.

The NHS constitution states that it is every patient’s right to be able to participate in a research study, should they wish to, and should they meet the requirements of the study.

There are many ongoing cancer clinical research projects at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals, you may be asked to participate in a study by your Surgeon or Oncologist.


Improving Cancer Care and Action Group (ICCAG)

This is an established cancer service action group, consisting of patients, family members, carers and local community members.

They gather experiences of those affected by cancer, to help improve Cancer Services at Ashford and St Peters.

If you are interested in joining or learning more about the group please contact the Patient Navigators: 01932 722856


Lung Cancer Support Group

All patients, families and cares are welcome.

Please contact Debbie Stonell at 01932 726468 for further information


Additional Support and Useful Contacts

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
Tel: 0800 358 7200

Macmillan Support / Cancer Bacup
Tel: 0808 808 0000

Cancer Research UK
Tel: 0207 242 0200

British Lung Foundation
Tel: 0300 003 0555

Mesothelioma UK
Tel: 0800 169 2409

Surrey NHS Stop Smoking Quitline
Tel: 0845 602 3608

Department for Work and Pensions
Tel: 0800 882 200

Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire (SWSH) Cancer Network
Tel: 01483 783117