Link to the NHS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome website

NHS: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a relatively common condition that causes a tingling sensation, numbness and sometimes pain in the hand and fingers.

Usually, these sensations develop gradually and start off being worse during the night. They tend to affect the thumb, index finger and middle finger ... read more

Link to the NHS Repetitive strain injury (RSI) website

NHS: Repetitive strain injury (RSI)

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a general term used to describe the pain felt in muscles, nerves and tendons caused by repetitive movement and overuse.

It's also called work-related upper limb disorder or non-specific upper limb pain.

The condition mostly affects parts of the upper body, such as the forearm, elbow, wrist, hands, neck and shoulders ... read more

Link to the British Association of Occupational Therapists website

British Association of Occupational Therapists

The British Association and College of Occupational Therapists is committed to promoting the unique value and benefits of occupational therapy to the public, service commissioners and political representatives.

We work to ensure the profession's rightful place in health and social care delivery and encourage our members to play an active role as ambassadors for the profession ... read more

Link to The Stroke Association website

The Stroke Association

We believe in life after stroke and together we can conquer stroke. That’s why we support stroke survivors to make the best recovery they can. It’s why we campaign for better stroke prevention and care. And it’s why we fund research to develop new treatments and ways of preventing stroke. ... read more