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In this section, we have leaflets for the Pain Management department. Please only read the materials on the advice of your clinician.

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Inpatient Pain Service

Click to download the Entonox leaflet


Entonox is a gas that you may be offered to help you manage your pain, during some treatments (e.g. changing a dressing, putting on a plaster cast, etc.).

It consists of 50% Oxygen and 50% Nitrous Oxide. Nitrous Oxide is sometimes used for anaesthetics but in this combination, it works as a short acting pain relief.

Entonox is sometimes called 'Gas and Air' and is most commonly used by women during labour ... read more

Click to download the Epidural Haematoma Advice leaflet

Epidural Haematoma Advice

Serious complications from epidural analgesia are rare (1 in 10,000). Because the epidural space is close to the spinal cord, a collection of fluid such as pus, or a blood clot, can cause pressure on the spinal cord. In the unlikely event that there is pressure on the spinal cord, it is crucial to diagnose and treat this as soon as possible. This must be done by expert hospital doctors to prevent delays in treatment and long-lasting damage. This leaflet tells you what to look for and what action to take if you think that you have a problem following the removal of your epidural ... read more

Click to download the Oral Ketamine for Pain Relief leaflet

Oral Ketamine for Pain Relief

Ketamine is a medicine that has traditionally been used as an anaesthetic medicine to provide pain relief, particularly where ‘out of hospital’ emergency treatment has been required. Ketamine in these situations would be given as an injection but in hospital, we can also use ketamine in a syrup form that you take by mouth ... read more



Chronic Pain



Patient Resources

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