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In this section, we have leaflets for the Neonatal department. Please only read the materials on the advice of your baby's clinician.

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Unit Leaflets

Milk Bank

For Discharge


Perinatal Mental Health

​National Neonatal Audit Programme

The National Neonatal Audit Programme (NNAP) helps neonatal units to improve the care they provide to babies who need specialist treatment.

While your baby is in the neonatal unit, staff record information in an electronic record. They use this to care for your baby, and to help the health service run well. All neonatal units use electronic records. Partners outside the hospital use this information to improve neonatal services through audit and research; this includes the National Neonatal Audit Programme.

To find out more about the audit and how your baby’s information is used, please talk to the staff in the neonatal unit.

National Neonatal Research Database

The National Neonatal Research Database is supported by Bliss the premature and sick baby charity, the British Association of Perinatal Medicine and neonatal units across the country:


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