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Members of our Senior Adult Medical Service team around reception desk

In this section, we have leaflets for the Senior Adult Medicine Services department. Please only read the materials on the advice of your clinician.

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Click to download the Preventing falls at home leaflet

Preventing falls at home

The risk of falling increases with age, although not all people fall when they get older. Someone who has already had a fall is more likely to fall again in the future. Falling and the fear of falling can make older people lose confidence in going about their day to day activities, and may affect their independence. And although most falls don't result in serious injury, some cause broken bones, from which it may be difficult to recover.

The leaflet aims to give advice on how to prevent falls at home for all people aged 65 years and over.

It is also for people aged between 50 and 64 years who are judged at being at higher risk of falling because of an underlying condition ... read more


Click to download the Preventing falls during your stay in hospital leaflet

Preventing falls during your stay in hospital

At Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals, we aim to help you to be SAFE during your stay in hospital.

When you are admitted to the ward, your falls risk factors will be identified. Working together with the nurses, doctors and therapists, we will support you and your family to keep you SAFE and minimise the likelihood of a fall ... read more


Click to download the Welcome to Cherry Ward leaflet

Welcome to Cherry Ward

Cherry Ward at St Peter's Hospital is a 29 -bedded Acute Frailty unit, the service will improve the patient experience and quality of care for frail elderly patients and ensure that every older person receives care and treatment designed specifically to meet their needs.

The ethos of this Older People Short Stay Unit is about getting you home as soon as you don't need an acute hospital bed as you tend to do better in your own environment ... read more


Click to download the Welcome to the Department of Senior Adult Medical Services (SAMS) leaflet

Welcome to the Department of Senior Adult Medical Services (SAMS)

Our aim is to get you better quickly and well enough to go home in a timely and safe way. The teams have a lot of expertise in managing your discharge and in partnership with you, and your family we will provide information and support to plan your discharge as soon as possible after admission to avoid any delays ... read more