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New AE Drugs Preparation Room

We are so proud to have supported the installation of a new Medication Preparation Room in A&E at St Peters Hospital, funded by charitable donations. This vital service has transformed this part of A&E work. The new room is larger, more central and has brought together multiple functions into one space. Read what the teams had to say about it!

Kelly Nagle, Chief Pharmacy Technician for Acute Services and the lead on the project did the costing, planning and drawings in collaboration with those staff members that would be using it. She says the refurbishment of an old plaster storage room has had a positive impact on the morale of the staff working in A&E. “The old room was tiny and impractical. The new room is bright, airy and professional and makes our work a little easier.”

Jenny Nash, Matron at Emergency Department said "Having a new drug room has made a huge difference to the staff, they can move around easily, fit more than one staff member in there at a time. This has sped up the delivery of medications to our patients and made everything much more accessible".

Glenda Mnkandla, Senior Sister at Emergency Department said that "It is three times the size of the last medicine prep room. We have so much space to work and we are very organised now and everything is now in one place. It makes our work easier".

If you would like to support new must needed projects like this, please donate here: https://www.ashfordstpeters.nhs.uk/donate/


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