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SLEEPY Eyes Bundle

St Peter’s recently launched the first “SLEEPY Eyes” care bundle for a good night’s sleep to aid recuperation and recovery for inpatients. This followed patient feedback around noise at night on the inpatient wards.

A pilot was created where staff and patient movements were observed, and patients were encouraged to feedback through a questionnaire. Following this process, a care package for our patients was developed to encourage a restful night’s sleep.

The “SLEEPY Eyes” bundle includes regular nurse rounds at night, dimming of lights, answering call bells promptly, transferring inpatients across wards before 10pm and after 6am, putting mobiles on silent or do not disturb and offering eye masks and ear plugs, or encouraging patients to bring their own.

Following positive staff and patient feedback, the “SLEEPY Eyes” bundle initiative will be rolled out across the rest of the Trust.

Janet McAuley, Divisional Chief Nurse at Ashford and St Peter’s, said: “A really fantastic quality improvement project to promote and support patients rest and sleep at night.”

Andrea Lewis, Chief Nurse at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital, said: “Sleep is important to health and recovery from illness, but is known to be difficult in hospital.

We have worked with patients and staff to develop the “SLEEPY Eyes” bundle, which will hopefully see less noise at night and better sleep for our patients.

We can provide eye masks and ear plugs, but we encourage our patients to bring in their own. Please speak to a Nurse in Charge if you or your relative are not sleeping at night.

We pledge to ensure you can have a better night sleep when in our care.”


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