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Hearing aid repair and maintenance

If your hearing aid is broken you can make an appointment for either site by calling the Appointment Centre on 01784 884351 (between 9am to 5pm).

You can also bring your hearing aid to the Main Reception at either hospital and leave it with us and we will contact you when it has been mended.

If you would like any adjustments made to the hearing aid sound, or need new earmoulds please make an appointment by calling the Appointment Centre.


Regular Maintenance

The tubing in your hearing aids should be replaced at least every 6 months.

This can be done by our Volunteer Service. If you would like to do this yourself at home then the Volunteers can also show you how this is done.


How to keep your mould clean

Daily: wipe the earmould with a damp flannel or wet-wipe when removed from ear/s.

Weekly: detach the mould from the aid

Hearing aid maintenance


and wash in warm soapy water.

Hearing aid maintenance


Hearing aid maintenance


Rinse under a running tap

Hearing aid maintenance


Dry and leave somewhere warm over night to dry thoroughly before connecting the mould to the hearing aid.

It is important that the mould is kept clean to enable the best quality of sound from the aid.


What to do if ...

Aid Whistling:

  • Check mould is inserted correctly
  • Have ears checked for wax
  • Check mould is not loose
  • Check tubing is not hard
  • If aid has a volume control, check not too high


Aid Stops Working:

  • Change the battery
  • Check the mould is not blocked with wax.
  • Check the tubing is not kinked, blocked with condensation/water or twisted
  • Check hearing aid is not on T (loop) position.


If you hold the hearing aid in the palm of your hand and close it, it should "whistle" when switched on the program for every day use.

If further problems exist after applying the troubleshooting then please book a repair clinic appointment or drop your hearing aid in to be mended.