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Q1) What happens if my scan is normal and I bleed again or my pain returns?

A1) Contact EPU on 01932 722662 or attend A&E if symptoms are worsening.


Q2) When can I self-refer?

A2) As mentioned above, if you have had a history of ectopic pregnancy, recurrent miscarriage or molar pregnancy or if you had been advised by your specialist to contact EPU directly.


Q3) What happens if I cannot get an appointment with my GP?

A3) You can call EPU on 01932 722662 in working hours for advice or attend A&E if you have significant pain or excessive bleeding


Q4) I have been asked to return for another scan. Will this affect the outcome of my pregnancy?

A4) It may be necessary to wait for some time to allow further development so we can confidently tell you how your pregnancy may progress. This is safe and should not affect the long term outcome of your pregnancy.


Q5) What if I don’t know what to do?

A5) If you are unsure about what to do or have no one to ask for advice and you are NOT in severe pain or not bleeding excessively, please call the EPU for advice on 01932 722662 during our usual opening hours.


One number to connect you to a midwife

0300 123 5473



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