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COVID-19: Visiting the Early Pregnancy Unit

Please could all patients, however you are referred, call EPU on 01932 722662 before you come to the unit and certainly before you enter the Abbey Wing building.


Welcome to the Early Pregnancy Unit

Your doctor may have requested that you attend this Assessment Unit because a problem has arisen during the early stages (first 12 weeks) of your pregnancy.

This unit is situated on the ground floor of Abbey Wing and cares for women with early pregnancy problems. This service is provided Monday to Friday 0900-1500 and referrals are made from midwives, GPs, and other medical staff. Please note that this is not a walk-in service.


People you will meet:

  • Nursing Staff
  • Sonographer (health professional who performs the scans)
  • Doctor (the doctor may also perform the scan)


This is an emergency service for women referred by their GP or A&E healthcare professionals with pain and /or vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy.

The aims of the unit are to offer help and assistance with the pregnancy related problem you are experiencing.

The time spent in the Unit may vary. We aim to assess and prioritise women depending on clinical need. We do not run an appointment system, unless you are attending for follow up.


The nature of the clinic therefore, means that some people will take greater priority and some people will need more time spent with them than others.

Using this system allows us the flexibility to see and scan most women on the same day they present to our unit. Occasionally you will be asked to return the next day for your scan.

Though a fixed appointment system is used in other units this usually results in a delay of several days before being seen, for this reason we have adopted a same day referral system.

As we are unable to predict the number of referrals we get each day, there may be a delay in the time taken to complete your review when you present to our unit.

The average time spent in the unit is 2-3 hours.


If you need an ultrasound scan, this is carried out either in the Early Pregnancy Unit or in the Obstetric and Gynaecology scan department. As previously stated we are unable to give you a definite time as this varies with demand on that day, but will do our best to keep the delay to a minimum.

If a scan is to be performed this will normally be an internal scan. (a small probe is inserted into the vagina, close to the womb) This makes it easier to get a detailed picture of what is happening with your pregnancy. This should not be uncomfortable and will not harm your pregnancy.

As a result of the limited space within our clinical rooms and the emergency nature of our service, we may only be able to allow one individual to accompany you into the clinical area.

After your scan, you will be reviewed by the doctor/nurse to discuss the results and to have any further test or treatments that may be necessary. Please take this opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

We understand that this is a distressing time for you and we will do our best to see you promptly.


Early Pregnancy Unit: 01932 722662

Scanning session / clinic times:
0900 – 12.30 hrs Monday to Friday

Telephone advice:
0900 – 16.00 hrs Monday to Friday

If you need to be seen urgently outside these times, please attend the Accident and Emergency Department.


Useful websites:

The Miscarriage Association
01924 200799 (helpline)

The Association of Early Pregnancy Units