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Clinical staff member with medical supplies

Communications and authorisations required regarding Supplier Representatives and offers of meetings, samples of new products, studies, trials and commercial sponsorship.

Guide for Supplier Representatives prepared in connection with contract ref: ASP/TE/16/06 (Enteral Feeds and associated Nutrition Supply Services)

Supplier representatives wishing to contact Trust staff and propose meetings or offer samples, trials, studies or commercial sponsorship or similar- follow the following communications and authorisations procedure below

  1. Follow the Trust Supplier Representatives Policy (SRP)
  2. Only arrange to meet Trust workers:
    • by appointment and within normal working hours on weekdays (SRP paragraph 6.1 SRP)
    • register the appointment on MIA at the time the appointment is made (SRP paragraph 6.2 page 4)
    • be aware that:
      • prior approval of Supplies and Procurement department is required before any samples or other goods or loans of goods may be accepted for the Trust (SRP paragraph 7.2)
      • and after such approval the samples or goods will only be accepted strictly on the basis of the Trust considering the look and feel of the product and its potential capabilities and NOT for use on patients (SRP paragraph 7.3 page 5)
      • there is a strictly controlled procedure for the introduction of new products into the Trust which must be followed (SRP paragraph 7.1 page 5 and see also the Clinical Procurement Introduction of New Products Policy (CPINPP)).
    • Your first communications about these matters should always include the following:
      • First contact the specialty lead: Therapy Lead for Dietetics and SLT (Ciara Tilley)
      • Next contact the clinical lead(s) for the service :
        • Clinical Lead for Outpatients & Paediatrics (Sarah Havard) and
        • the Clinical Lead for Inpatients (Caroline Goodger)
      • Associate Director of Procurement (Melvyn Lake) or, as applicable, Assistant Contracts Manager, Supplies and Procurement department (Victoria Wertheim) or others from the Supplies and Procurement department

SRP and CPINPP and MIA Scheme Registration are available on the Supplies and Procurement department page of the Trust website About the Department.

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