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Twiddlemuffs and Blankets

Twiddlemuffs are knitted hand mitts with interesting tactile bits and bobs (e.g. buttons, ribbon, beads) attached inside and out for people who are agitated or anxious to twiddle in their hands. They are designed to stimulate the senses and the brain whilst keeping 'restless hands' busy and snug!

We have found that the muffs can help to decrease agitation and anxiety levels and it is part of The Dementia Team's ongoing projects to promote wellbeing and dementia awareness.


How to get them

Some wards have their own supply, otherwise Contact the dementia team on 01932 726106.


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Forget-Me-Not Scheme

What is the Forget-Me-Not-Scheme?

The Forget-Me-Not scheme is used to help staff recognise when someone is experiencing memory problems or confusion

For more information download the poster.


Dementia Friendly Areas

In July 2016, work was completed on making 2 of our Senior Adults Medical Service (SAMS) wards (Swift and Holly) dementia friendly. The dedicated dementia friendly areas are Bay 4 and Side Room 3 on each ward. The trust has ongoing projects extending this to other areas of hospital.


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