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The Dementia Team is based at St Peters Hospital, and covers the whole of Ashford and St Peters Hospital.

We are committed to promoting a Dementia Friendly Hospital and supporting patients with memory impairments in their journey through hospital, working with multidisciplinary teams to facilitate a safe and supported discharge.

ASPH treat approximately 3000 patients per year with dementia, although this number is likely to be higher with many people living with undiagnosed dementia. Many of these will have complex needs and possibly delirium (new confusion) as a result of an infection or other health issues.


Who we are

We are a hospital based team consisting of a Nurse, Occupational Therapists, and Medical Doctor. Our extended team includes Speech and Language Therapist, Dietician and a team of Dementia Volunteers.

We work closely with the hospital Psych Liaison team and are able to link in with Community Mental Health Teams where appropriate.

Although your consultant and ward team will continue to have responsibility for your care, we will work with them to support you and your family. We work with patients who have a diagnosis of dementia as well as those with suspected dementia. We can assess needs of the patient and their carers whilst in hospital and make onward referrals for support needs. Our working hours are Monday to Friday.


The Clinical Team

Name Description Direct Number Bleep
Dementia Team Office Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 01932 726106 8817 / 8337
David Sills Dementia and Admiral Nurse Lead Mobile

01932 726106
Dr Peter Enwere MD Consultant Geriatrician and Clinical Lead for Dementia 01932 722304  
Diana Sheridan Dementia Specialist Occupational Therapist 01932 726106 8337
Layla Hibbs Dementia Specialist Occupational Therapist 01932 726106 8337


How you will be referred

Referrals to the Dementia Team may be initiated by a member of your medical or nursing team or Allied Health Care Professional.

Please contact our team if you wish to discuss a referral. Contact Number: 01932 726106.