Therapy Recommendations to Support Recovery from COVID-19

The Therapies team at Ashford and St Peters have developed a range of resources to help you in your recovery following discharge from hospital with COVID-19.

Each patients recovery journey will be different, but you may experience feelings of fatigue, shortness of breath, reduced tolerance for exercise, loss of appetite, difficulties with eating and drinking or voice issues.

The guidance provided is based on general rehabilitation strategies and should not replace any individual advice you have been given.


Please find enclosed guidance to support your recovery on:

  1. Managing fatigue
  2. Managing shortness of breath
  3. Nutrition to help recovery
  4. Developing exercise tolerance
  5. Managing eating and drinking recommendations
  6. Taking care of your bladder, bowel, and pelvic floor muscles
  7. Voice care guidance following intubation
  8. Recovering from acute confusion and delirium
  9. Psychological support for Covid-19 rehab


If your symptoms deteriorate please contact your GP or NHS 111 website (


Patient Information

Please follow the guidance of your clinician in relation to your recovery: