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Our Services

Daily consultant-led acute stroke team review to facilitate early and accurate clinical diagnosis and early access to multi-disciplinary stroke unit care.

Rapid access TIA/Neuro-vascular clinic - 7 day service providing rapid assessment and management for patients suffering from TIA.

Stroke Specialist Nurses - provides assessment in the emergency department along with support and information for patients and their families throughout their stroke journey.

24 hour Thrombolysis service

Telemedicine project - aimed at supporting our Thrombolysis service by providing early specialist stroke review during the acute assessment.

Multi-disciplinary stroke specialist team - comprising stroke specific physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and dietetics.

Specialist Neuroradiology - we have excellent access to CT and MRI imagining to support out clinical care.

Specialist Neurovascular meeting - held every Friday to discuss patient's with the vascular surgeons if carotid disease detected.


Location and Phone Number

  • Aspen Ward, Level 4 Duchess of Kent Wing - 01932 723907


Clinical Lead

  • Kathy Anderson


Stroke Specialist Nurse Team: 7 days a week 8am-8pm

  • Jess Gill - Lead Stroke Specialist Nurse
  • Emolyne Beltran - Stroke Specialist Nurse
  • Lore Sarbu - Stroke Specialist Nurse
  • Zan Katiyo - Stroke Specialist Nurse
  • Kerry Reddin - Stroke Specialist Nurse
  • Janeny Daguio - Stroke Specialist Nurse
  • Jess Dobbs - Stroke Specialist Nurse
  • Stroke Office - 01932 723907


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