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Recently, Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals launched a new procedure called Capsule Endoscopy. This uses state of the art technology going ‘inner space’ to diagnose abnormalities in the small bowel, where traditional endoscopes and colonoscopes cannot reach.

This amazing new device involves the patient swallowing a pill sized camera, which then travels through the stomach and intestine taking many images of the bowel. Being very clever it can adjust how fast it is clicking and taking pictures by identifying how fast or slow it is moving through the bowel. These images are transmitted via Bluetooth to a device worn by the patient on a belt. They are then downloaded onto a computer and subsequently reviewed by a Gastroenterologist.

Patients who have undergone the procedure have commented, “Had no problem with it [the procedure] whatsoever”, “very easy process”, “absolutely no discomfort”, brilliant”.


The miniature Capsule Endoscopy


Suzanne Rankin, Chief Executive at Ashford and St Peter’s, said, “WOW this is an amazing piece of miniature technology, which from a patient care perspective is absolutely fantastic, providing a much less invasive procedure, which is quicker and offers a more thorough diagnosis. Just amazing!”

Consultants, Dr Amitabh Naik and Dr Deb Majumdar added, “The results we’ve had so far from using Capsule Endoscopy are very promising, with excellent feedback from our patients. Having this equipment at Ashford and St Peter’s hospitals has been beneficial to our patients. Now we can provide a more comprehensive luminal endoscopy service (in addition to gastroscopy and colonoscopy) which will lead to the earlier diagnosis of conditions like Crohn’s disease and establishing the causes of anaemia. It is painless and saves our patients having to have further more complicated and invasive tests. Additionally, it will provide an essential gastrointestinal service to our patients locally without having to travel to other hospitals.”


Pictured from Left to Right: Dr Deb Majumdar, Consultant GI and Hepatobiliary Physician; Dr Owen R E Woghiren, Consultant Gastroenterologist; Heather Jones Service Manager for Gastroenterology and Endoscopy, Gastroenterology; Suzanne Rankin, Chief Executive; Liezel De Ocampo, Sister Endoscopy; Dr Amitabh Naik, Consultant Gastroenterologist.


For more information about having a Capsule Endoscopy please go to our Endoscopy Units webpage here.


Top picture: Susanne Rankin, Chief Executive, holding the Capsule Endoscopy with Dr Amitabh Naik (Right) and Dr Deb Majumdar (Left)