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Annual Members' Meeting 2020

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Highlights from the year
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Strategic Objective 2: People

Being a great place to work and to be a patient, where we listen, empower and value everyone.



Our key achievements over the last year are:

Delivering against the ambitions of the People Strategy

In 2018 the Board approved a People Strategy to support the delivery of the Trust Strategy Together We Care. The people strategy set a series of ambitious objectives in relation to supply of workforce, vacancy & turnover levels. By March 2020, we had made significant progress in delivering the strategy, such as halving our nursing vacancies, reducing our time to hire metrics, improving our turnover rates and almost eliminating the number of people leaving within less than twelve months. Once again our progress to improve the stability and sustainability of the workforce supply has been a positive contributor when deploying sufficient workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic.




Encouraging the Health and Wellbeing of Team ASPH

Recognising that a well workforce is one which is made up of happy and healthy individuals we continue to further develop the health and wellbeing support in place for colleagues. We have refreshed our offering around six key areas.

We continue to appoint a team of Wellbeing Ambassadors to promote positive mental, emotional and physical health and share information on wellbeing initiatives at the Trust.

Throughout the challenges of the COVID-19 situation this has been more important than ever and we have put a range of extra provisions in place, including enhanced support from the occupational health and chaplaincy teams and the independent employee support service.


Andrea Lewis

Launch of body worn cameras

As part of a plan to prevent and reduce incidents of violence and aggression against staff we have been trialling the use of body warm cameras with teams including security, A&E, intensive care and patient experience. This supports the national NHS Violence Reduction Strategy and ‘zero tolerance’ approach against incidents of this nature.

Keeping our colleagues safe and enabling them to deliver care and treatment without fear of abuse or harm is an absolute priority and to date use of the cameras is proving to be very successful.


Staff Panto


Fun for all the team

One of the undoubted highlights of the year was the first ever ASPH Christmas pantomime. The amount of planning, preparation and dedication from colleagues across the Trust that went into the panto was phenomenal. It all paid off with three, fantastic, sell-out performances and incredible feedback from everyone who attended. We would like to thank St George’s school in Weybridge for their support in providing use of their theatre. After such roaring success this will definitely be an event to repeat again!


Team Talk and App

Keeping Team ASPH up-to-date

We continue to evolve and improve our communications and engagement tools to ensure that all of Team ASPH are up-to-speed and able to engage in meaningful, two way, conversation. We have held a series of Team Talks throughout the year and are now moving a to virtual method of hosting these – to make it as accessible to as many colleagues as possible, particularly with more working remotely due to the COVID-19 situation.

We have also launched our new Ryalto staff app, which has been well received and installed by a high proportion of colleagues. This enables instant, on-the-go, communication and we are using the app to share a variety of news and messages throughout the day.


Remote Working

Campaign to enable remote working

A key achievement this year was our new guide and move to enabling remote working for colleagues. This very much supports our ambition to be a great place to work and those of the Interim NHS People Plan, calling for Trusts to be excellent, flexible employers and to respond to changing expectations around work, including more demand for flexible working and a healthy work life balance.

Whilst we previously had pockets of very good flexible and remote working practice across the Trust, the new policy makes it much more accessible. Fortunately we had made great progress with this work prior to the COVID-19 situation, which made the move to many more colleagues staying home and working remotely far easier to implement.


Award Winning Employers

In September 2019, Chief Executive, Suzanne Rankin attended the historic Portsmouth Dockyard to receive the silver award in the Employer Recognition Scheme, along with Interim Chief Nurse Andrea Lewis and Richard Wooley, who has supported the Trust’s ‘Step into Health’ programme.

In March 2020, we won the award for ‘Collaborative Recruitment of the Armed Forces Community’ at the first ‘Step into Health’ awards. Pictured here, Richard Wooley, Theatre Team Leader, who led the project last year and Colleen Sherlock, Assistant Director of HR, Corporate Services attended a reception at Kensington Place with the Duke of Cambridge prior to the awards ceremony.


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