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We primarily provide outpatient appointments virtually and in a face-to-face capacity from Ashford hospital. We work closely within a multi-disciplinary team, which includes surgeons, consultant physicians, psychologists, physiotherapists and bariatric specialist nurses (SNs) to help individuals living with obesity in their journey to improve their long-term health, quality of life and to lose weight.



We offer specialist evidence-based dietary advice to people living with obesity. This involves:

  • In our Specialist Weight Management service and the Bariatric Surgical Service, we provide individually tailored advice and support to people living with obesity, with or without other medical conditions.
  • If people want bariatric surgery, we prepare them for the dietary considerations needed before and after surgery to help improve their outcomes.
  • Provide structured education to people living with obesity, mostly virtually but also in virtual group sessions.
  • Offer one-to-one consultations
  • Provide biweekly assessments in MDT clinics.
  • Attend MDT meetings to provide dietetic feedback to determine the best care pathway.
  • Provide specific dietary advice for people after surgery to ensure that they do not develop nutritional deficiencies.
  • For people prescribed weight loss medication, to provide dietary advice to help minimise side effects and maximise outcomes.
  • Liaise with relevant team members if people need extra assistance, such as needing to speak with a psychologist to help them develop and understand their triggers for eating.
  • Work closely with the other health professions to ensure that a holistic approach is maintained.


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