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In most cases the aorta measures less than 3cm, which means that no aneurysm is present and you will not be invited for further screening.

However, sometimes we detect an aneurysm.

  • If your aorta measures between 3cm and 4.4cm, you will be told you have a small aneurysm. No intervention is required at this time, but you will be invited back for another scan each year to monitor the growth and size.
  • If your aorta measures between 4.5cm and 5.4cm, you have a medium sized aneurysm. Again, no intervention is required at this stage, but you will be invited back every 3 months to be rescanned.
  • When the aorta measures 5.5cm or above, this is classified as a large aneurysm and treatment will be considered. We will refer you to a vascular Surgeon the same day. You should be seen by the surgeon at the hospital within 2 weeks, though it is unusual to have to wait that long.


When you see the surgeon they will request further tests and discuss the treatment options with you. In most cases, you will be offered an operation to repair the aneurysm.


There can be occasions due to bowel gas, body mass or some medications where your aorta cannot be fully visualised. In these cases depending on the cause, the screening technicians with either ask you to come back for another scan on another day having fasted or you will be referred to a local imaging department to be seen by a sonographer. The locations we refer to are St Peters Hospital in Chertsey or Frimley Park Hospital. 


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