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After a diagnosis of stroke is made an early assessment and rehabilitation is completed by therapists.

We set some early goals for therapy which are usually related to feeding, sitting balance and mobility. This will involve broad assessment of your movement, memory, mood, communication, swallow and your ability to carry out your normal daily activities.

You will have access to:


We will identify the most appropriate option for your ongoing recovery.

You might be able to be discharged from hospital quickly, if you have had a small stroke with no disabilities.


You might be able to be discharged quickly with support from the early supported discharge team for stroke (ESD), who can provide some rehabilitation at home if you have a small stroke with mild disability.


If it is felt that you require inpatient rehabilitation you will be transferred to either Chaucer Ward - Ashford Hospital or Woking Community Hospital. We will always try to allocate a location nearest to your home, however where this is not achievable, we will transfer you to the next alternative available location.

Your inpatient rehabilitation stay may vary depending on your needs and could range from 1 up to 4 weeks duration.


We are very fortunate to have a Stroke Rehabilitation Unit based at Ashford Hospital (Chaucer Ward), where the acute stroke team at St Peter's Hospital works closely together with the Stroke Rehabilitation Unit.

When inpatient rehabilitation is no longer required then staff at the hospital may discuss arranging additional services for you to support your return home. These may include:

  • Intermediate care,
  • Community rehabilitation at home,
  • Social care re-ablement, packages of care,
  • Other community services. e.g. meals on wheels red cross