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Services provided by the department

All respiratory conditions

  • Asthma,
  • COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease),
  • Pneumonia,
  • Pneumothrax,
  • Pleural effusion,
  • Tuberculosis


Our Clinical Team

The consulting team in the department are:


Consultant Respiratory Physician

Clinical Lead for Lung Cancer and COPD
Rapid access lung cancer service
Pneumonia, bronchoscopy



GMC: 3616341

Consultant Respiratory Physician

Rapid access lung cancer service
EndoBronchial UltraSound (EBUS)
Asthma, sleep studies, allergy testing


ASH Clinics:
Lung cancer and general - Tues am

SPH Clinics:
Chest and general - Mon pm, Wed am (alt weeks)
Lung cancer - Fri am
Bronchoscopy list - Thurs am

Dr Shashank SHARMA

GMC: 6072505

Consultant Respiratory Physician

Rapid access lung cancer service
Pleural disease, TB, bronchoscopy
Sleep medicine


Dr Michael WOOD

GMC: 3663934

Consultant Respiratory Physician (Specialty Lead)

Clinical Lead for Bronchoscopy, Asthma, Sleep
EndoBronchial UltraSound (EBUS)
Sleep Medicine, lung cancer, COPD


ASH Clinics:
Chest and general - Wed am

SPH Clinics:
Chest and TB - Tues am
Bronchoscopy List - Tues am


Specialist Nurses

Provision of holistic care and support to lung cancer and mesothelioma patients. Clinical advice, support, consultancy to other health professionals.



The respiratory medicine team are based in clinic area 2 in the main outpatient area (level 3 of the department block) at St. Peter’s.


COVID-19 Recovery

The Therapies team at Ashford and St Peters have developed a range of resources to help you in your recovery following discharge from hospital with COVID-19.